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How to get standalone Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql?

2015-12-10 | Default
I do not know if it is just me but it seems to be a nightmare to get OHS with mod_plsql from the official OTN download site. I downoaded the companion CD for Windows - 3 disks, installed OHS - no mod_plsql. Then I tried to find any clue on OTN on how to download mod_plsql - none. Plenty of information on how to configure it and use it, but nothing on how to get it.
PLSQL gateways is not an option for us because many of our clients do not allow direct communication between the database and the Internet.
Windows 2003 Server R2
Apex 3.2.1
Any help appreciated,
I would not like to download the software from unofficial sites but rather get it straight from Oracle.

Latest answer

For those interested: I found Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql on OTN -> downloads -> middleware -> WebCenter suite.

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