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How do i move Home Screen Icons to another Screen

2015-10-11 | Default
Hi All i have just upgraded to iOS7 it all went very smoothly except it messed up the positioning of the icons on all my 4 Home Screens !.
The main screen is less one icon, the second one has 7 icons, the third one has 3, the forth screen has 2
I should be able to move them by getting the icons wobbling and the dragging them from one screen to another, but sadly this doesnt seem to work, i can only "hold" the center of an icon, if i could hold them by the edge i could do it successfully, but this impossible.
I really thought i could do it in iTunes, but, this only enables moving complete Home screens !
Any ideas please ?.

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Solved it, i percevered with the dragging to the edge and eventually got there.

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