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Having trouble making a textarea readonly in Netscape

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I have a jsp page with a textarea that I want to disable or make read only, however the "disabled" and "readonly" attributes of textarea only seem to work in IE not in netscape. Any one have any ideas how to disable in netscape?

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In the onfocus event of the text area, call a javascript function and then blur the focus to the text area and focus any other form elements.
Check with the following code. It works in all browsers.
<script language="javascript">
function divert()
alert("function called");
<form name=tst>
<textarea name="installationSummary" onfocus="divert()" rows=10 cols=30>
Web server
Iplanet web server 6.0
Sun Solaris
<input type="button" name="inst" value="Install" onClick="javascript:alert('Installed Successfully');">
Good Luck,

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