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Flash Builder 4.6 Premium License downgrades to Standard License

2015-10-11 | Default
I've installed the Flash Builder 4.6. When I start it in demo mode, I get the premium version of Flash Builder (because that is the version I've installed). When I enter a license key that is for a premium version of Flash Builder it gets downgraded to the standard edition. The key is definitly for a premium version, I've checked that at the IT support, and one of my co-workers (we have multi-user license) uses the key for the premium version too.
A side note: I have prevouisly installed Flash Builder 4.6 Premium but I had to uninstall it because it didn't work anymore. I have this license problem with the re-installation of Flash Builder.
Do you have any ideas what is wrong?

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I am seeing a similar problem too...
I was using Flash Builder 4.6 on a FB 4.5 Premium serial number.
Upon upgrading to FB 4.7, which required me to enter the new FB 4.7 serial number I was sent, along with my old FB 4.5 serial number in order to qualify for the upgrade, FB 4.7 is now running in standard mode according to the splash screen.  Additional trying to use the Run -> Profile menu does not work, it tells me to go learn about buying premium upgrade.
According to FB 4.5 premium, or 4.6 premium, are supposed to upgrade to FB 4.7 premium at no charge.

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