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Dunning printout

2015-10-11 | Default
Dear gurus
While running the dunning through F150 It generate the dunning data but while prinout the dunning data in the form F150_DUNN_01 it shows the following message. I have checked the table T047E the details are avialble in the table.
Dunning notice for account: 'D ' '0000003334 ' was not printed
> Forms for MAHNR: '0003 ', RBUKM: 'LCCB ', KOART: 'D ' do not exist (T047E)
Can you suggest me what steps need to be take care in this regard.

Latest answer

The dunning procedure is assigned in the master. There is no block against the items and line items are due on the dunning date and the required gap is there between the current dunning level and previous dunning level. Still not able to find the reason how system could generate the proposal for 17 vendors and could read and print only 5.

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