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Creating a correctly separated PDF from Illustrator in Acrobat Reader 7,8,9

2015-10-11 | Default
I work in an organisation with users having various versions of Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Reader.
We need to create a PDF from Illustrator, I guess by using 'save as', that can be correctly displayed in Acrobat 7 onwards.
A flattened PDF views correctly in all versions, but doesn't allow some users to view separations as it converts to CMYK.
My understanding is that PDF-X could ensure overprint is on, so the PDF will display correctly.  But, for versions 7 and 8 overprint preview will need to be activated in order for the PDF to be correctly displayed.
Does anyone know of another solution, in that we could create a PDF, correctly separated and viewable in Acrobat Reader 7, 8, 9.

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Why are your Reader users using different versions? It's a free download. Get them all on the current version.

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Creating a correctly separated PDF from Illustrator in Acrobat Reader 7,8,9

I work in an organisation with users having various versions of Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Reader. We need to create a PDF from Illustrator, I guess by using 'save as', that can be correctly displayed in Acrobat 7 onwards. A flattened PDF views correctl [More]

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