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Control File to a catalog Database

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Hi guys,
I'm kind of new here. So sorry if this has already been answered. (did some searching and nothing showed up)
Environment - Oracle 9i
Ok. Currently we are using RMAN with a control file. And there's a requirement to set up a catalog database. I would like to know if there's a way to migrate the current set up to a catalog database. Final goal is to make sure that the past backups will be available after moving to a catalog database.

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Controlfile backup taken during a backup means you will have past information relevant to current state as of the time of the backup. Going forward with a catalog means you will have a longer (as in closer to forever) record of backups whereas a CF only keeps what it can up to the record keep time. You can always catalog prior backups if you want.

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Control File to a catalog Database

Hi guys, I'm kind of new here. So sorry if this has already been answered. (did some searching and nothing showed up) Environment - Oracle 9i Ok. Currently we are using RMAN with a control file. And there's a requirement to set up a catalog database. [More]

-0001-11-30 Default

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-0001-11-30 Default

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-0001-11-30 Default

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