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Bseg-bldat into  mm/dd/yyyy format ?

-0001-11-30 | Default
Date : mm/dd/yyyy format
I have bsak table’s field bldat … in my program
I have to write into mm/dd/yyyy format
Is there any function module available
Or manually through offsets I have to do ?

Latest answer

CONCATINATE bsak-bldat0(4) bsak-bldat4(2) bsak-bldat+6(2) into G_DATE.
so G_DATE will have the format which you are asking ...
if you want to userformat, i mean different users will have different formats in SAP, so if you want user specific format, then
DATA: date type SY-DAtum,
so in DATE1 filed will have the user format

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Bseg-bldat into  mm/dd/yyyy format ?

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