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Bookmarks show but will not open help!

-0001-11-30 | Default
We have to open online texbook and the bookmarks won't open went to chrome plugin and disabled chrome and enabled adobe and the bookmarks will expand but will not open, the website informed me on process, but can still only see front page of the book.

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Can you go to the pages in the regular way?

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2015-10-11 Default

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How can I display all bookmarks on left side of window without opening library?

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How can I display ONLY bookmarks, and not History?

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How can I move bookmarks from one computer to another.  JUST BOOKMARKS, NOT ANYTHING ELSE

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I have three sets of alphabeticized bookmarks in my drop down menu after syncing. How can I get them all into one alphabetical list in my drop-down menu?

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2015-10-11 Default

Can multiple accounts for the same vendor be bookmarked?

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2015-10-11 Default

Can two different computers have the same Firefox profile? Schema/themes/bookmarks, etc?

I would like the same settings mentioned above on my desktop and laptop. Any ideas? Thanks-You can use Firefox Sync to keep the bookmarks, passwords and history synchronized. For details on using it see [More]

2015-10-11 Default

(My old computer ias totally kaput and need to know how can I get my old Firefox bookmarks into my new computer ?

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