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APEX and Oracle HTTP server

2015-12-10 | Default
We are considering using APEX with Oracle 10g. However, we don't have Oracle application server.At the same time we do not want to use the Oracle HTTP server(OHS) on the database server. The propsed application intend to use by approx. 5000 users
As APEX requires just OHS and mod_plsql plugin,
1. Can we install just Oracle HTTP server and mod_plsql on standalone server? Which CD need to be used?
2. Can OHS can be licensed separately as Oracle Internet application server(Enterprise Edition) based on processor licensing is expensive and not affordable.However, there are other options like Standard Edition and Standard Edition One as well but do not require any other options except OHS and mod_plsql plugin.Hence, what is the cost effective option to have OHS and mod_plsql as a middle tier component to deploy APEX applications
Thanks in advance

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I'm by no means a security expert, but I don't think this is a best practice. I think the best practice is to use two HTTP servers: one in the DMZ and one on the DB server. The one in the DMZ can be a standard Apache install - it acts as a proxy server and does not need mod_plsql. The second should be OHS. This configuration allows you to block ports that are usually used to communicate with the DB from the server in the DMZ.
Did I get that right or am I way off?
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