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ADF Faces: valueChangeListener on selectOneListbox not fired

-0001-11-30 | Default
Hi everybody,
I have a page where the components that have a binding value, get the component from a request managed bean and its data is retrieved from a session bean.
What i need to so is a list where at changing the select item, some labels are updated and change the string they are showing. I'm trying to do this by attaching a listener to a selectOneListbox component, but the logic inside the method is never reached, even when you can see in the browser that a submit has been performed.
The code for the selectOneListbox is as follows.
<af:selectOneListbox id="lstPolicies" inlineStyle="width:225px;"
     binding="#{policyResultsBackedBean.lstPolicies}" autoSubmit="true" size="12">
     <f:selectItems value="#{policyResultsBackedBean.lstPoliciesItems}" />
dataBackingBean is the session managed bean, and, policyResultsBackedBean is the request one.
Since there are two groups of labels to be updated, they have been displayed into a panel, which is the one listening for the firing.
<af:panelGroup layout="vertical" inlineStyle="width:320px;"
<af:panelHorizontal valign="top" styleClass="form"
<h:panelGrid styleClass="datagrid2" columns="2"
<af:outputLabel value="#{policyResultsBackedBean.LBL_USER}:" />
<af:outputLabel value="#{dataBackingBean.policyVO.userName}" />
any way, just to try, I set the partialTriggers atribute in every single outputLabe, but nothing got better since the method is never fired.
Any help or ideas are welcome, thanks in advance.

Latest answer

I have a similar problem. I've got a selectonechoice whose id attribute is "mylist". In addition, I've got a panelLabelAndMessage that contains an inputText. I just want to show/hide this panelLabelAndMessage depending on the selectOneChoice value, so I've coded the panelLabelAndMessage's rendered attribute so that it only comes up under certain circumstances. Also, I've set partialTriggers="mylist".
However, panelLabelAndMessage doesn't refresh properly. I have to refresh manually (by F5 key) after every list change to show/hide the panelLabelAndMessage.
Any ideas?
Luis Serrano.

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