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404 Error???

-0001-11-30 | Default
I'm getting completely p*ed off with iWeb 09. Can anybody help?
I have created a small website so that my client can preview a series of photographs that I have taken for them.
I uploaded it to my web space on my web server (BT Business Broadband in this instance), but when I try to access the site through Safari it keeps returning the 404 Not Found message. (I am able to open the site through Safari when I go directly to the folder that contains the info in the users folder/sites and all of the links work ok).
To compound matters, if I key in the address for another site that I created before I upgraded to iWeb 09, that link works just fine, even though it is sitting in the same 'public' folder of my web server.
I have tried deleting the folder and re-submitting, I have tried renaming it and re-submitting, I have uploaded the new main 'index.html' file every time, but nothing seems to work.
Does anybody have any idea as to what I am doing wrong please?

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So I was assuming that my working link would be:
Would I be correct in that?
Yes, with the correction that the last part should be Photoshoot.html.
If you can see that you have a folder called yaxleymanor on your server, I think you should talk to their tech support and ask why it is not being recognized. It could be that there is some permissions issue or that it's not in the right place after all.

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