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Age old questions parallels vs. boot camp

I have heard for a while that bootcamp was better then parallels but now that parallels has revamped its approach does any have any thoughts I will be buying something soon whats your thoughtsHi, although Parallels has revamped, the main differences[More]


Fusion vs Parallels vs Boot Camp

I am getting ready to switch over to Mac but have some programs that either do not run on Mac or from reading reviews, the Mac version is not as good ad the Windows version (Quicken). I preferr either Parelles or Fusion so I do not have to reboot. An[More]


Windows on Parallels vs Boot Camp

Has anyone tried running Windows on Mac using Parallels? Is it really "near native"? If it's just another VirtualPC then forget itI would be very very cautious about using this code. It looks[More]


Ethernet Port on X61s

The ethernet port on the X61s doesn't work while docked in the Ultrabase but does when not in the Ultrabase. Is this normal? If not how do you get the port to work while in the UltraBase? Solved! Go to Solution.bhohenstein, welcome to the forum, it i[More]


Left side ports

Hi i have the Satellite C55-B5201. In the last days the left side ports (usb port, ethernet port and headphone port) doesn't work... i have windows 8.1Try following the suggestions in this article: How To: Fix USB Problems in Windows 8, Windows 7, an[More]


How do I get a Dialog to appear in the center of the screen?

How do I get a Dialog to appear in the center of the screen?You can get the screen size by using Dimension java.awt.Toolkit.getScreenSize(). Once you get the Dimension, Before using API setVisible(true), You have to do the calculations to put your di[More]


Ethernet connection problems

I am trying to set up ethernet connections between my Beige G3, my son's G3 iBoook, and a NEC SilentWriter 95 printer (using a Farallon EtherMac adapter). Both Macs are using Jaguar version 10.2.8. Up until recently, I had a crossover cable between t[More]


Usb to ethernet adapter?

I just bought my airport express, and I want to connect my broadband modem to it but the connector is usb instead of ethernet. I did a few searches for an adapter but they all seem to be the opposite, and if I plug it into the express' usb plug it do[More]


How do I get firewire support under XP running on OSX 10.8.2?

I have an old Nikon film scanner that is bundled with Nikon scanning software that requires Windows XP.  The film scanner has only a firewire cable.  My iMac is running OSX 10.8.2.  I installed Oracle's (free) VirtualBox and was able to get XP runnin[More]


How do I get document from icloud in the Pages app to sync to my ipad?

Ok, so I get the part about not having to sign in to icloud on an ios device, but that still doesn't explain why documents that I have stored in the icloud, itunes, and on my iphone are not automatically syncing to my ipad. When I try to open the Pag[More]


When is the Lighting to 30 Pin Adapter going to be released.

Does anyone know when the Lighting to 30 Pin adapter will be available. The iPhone cannot be played on my Docking station without it.I've had the four I ordered for several days now.  Two were ordered on 9/14 and two on 9/29.  I don't know when they[More]


Templates: how do I get rid of orphaned updates?

I've made changes to my template, and then undone those changes.  However, the change still shows up in the child pages, greyed out, so I can't delete it.  This has to do with changes made outside <html> where I got the warning message: You have add[More]


Help! My outgoing mail has the image of pink lips in the upper right-hand corner.  I did not put it there; it is fun but not exactly professional!  How do I get rid of it?

Please help!  My outgoing mail messages arrive with an icon of pink lips in the upper right-hand corner.  I have no idea how it got there.  This is cute but not really professional. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it?  Thanks!It's been almost t[More]


ORA-00313 problem, thank you very much!!

Hi, there, when I use OEM standalone to login the database, I found there is an error: ORA-00313:open failed for members of log group1 of thred 1 ORA-00312:online log 1 thread 1 "c:\oracle-database-server\oradata\redo01.log" then I can't open th[More]


ORA-00312 problem, thank you very much!

Hi, there, when I use OEM standalone to login the database, I found there is an error: ORA-00313:open failed for members of log group1 of thred 1 ORA-00312:online log 1 thread 1 "c:\oracle-database-server\oradata\redo01.log" then I can't open th[More]


Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adaptor makes fans go crazy

I have a late 2012 Retina Macbook Pro. Just bought the thunderbolt to gigabit ethernet adaptor. Works like a charm, except that every time im downloading large files or uploading large files... the fans on the macbook start spinning at the highest sp[More]


HT4890 I received a pop up on my ipad saying Not Enough Memory with two choices, Close or Settings. When I touch either button on the screen nothing happens. It seems that the screen is frozen. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this pop up.

I received a pop up box saying Not Enough Storage with two choices. Close or Settings but when I tough either one nthing is happening and my ipad seems to be frozen Has any one got an idea?Reset it by holding the power and home buttons at the same ti[More]


How do I get rid of IE 10?

I recently purchased a new computer from BB; a Gateway 64-bit machine with Windows 8 64-bit OS preloaded with IE10.  IE 10 seems to be more trouble than some of the previous versions.  It often produces an error advising me to upgrade to IE 8+ and so[More]


G5 Gigabyte Built-in Network Adapter won't connect at 1000

Built-in ethernet adapter will not connect to DLink Gigabyte switch even with a known-good cable. My other G5 connects fine to the switch in the same port. Adapter connects fine to 100mb Linksys switch. Really looks like a driver problem. Is there an[More]


How do I get rid of a sidebar that pop ups no matter what webpage I am searching?

I have a sidebar that pop up on the left hand side of my screen whenever I am on the internet. It does contains a X and will close with you press that, but reopens as soon as I click on something else. It is very annoying and gets in the way of looki[More]

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  • The podcast "(Insert podcast name here)" could not be used because the orig

    The podcast "(Insert podcast name here)" could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it? I'm getting a problem with podcast going missing. I have the following- 1) Black 5th Gen iPod 2) iTunes 7.1.1 3

  • MacBook Pro won't start after changing access rights

    I did something very wrong. Unfortunately I changed the access rights of Macintosh HD for "everyone" to none. Result, my MacBook Pro won't start anymore. Already tried the installation disk, reset password for root and users. No result. Help pro

  • Unnecessary extra page in adobe

    hi sap experts, just want to ask help from you. im doing an adobe form, i have 1 master page and 1 body page. when i preview i have this extra blank page that contents my master page. but the content field is already blank. what should i need to do t

  • IPhoto 08 says "Library is locked, on a locked disk..." on reopening

    Hi, I upgraded to iLife 08 (from 05) on my Powerbook 5,8 yesterday, and I experience two strange problems with iPhoto (7.0.1): 1) after quitting iPhoto I cannot reopen. I get a message that says: Caution - The iPhoto Library is locked, on a locked di

  • Possibile che la batteria del mio iphone 4s duri cosi poco!! 5 ore di standby consuma il 25% di carica!!

    possibile che la batteria del mio iphone 4s duri cosi poco!! 5 ore di standby consuma il 25% di carica!!Dopo qualche mese torno a scrivere degli aggiornamenti per chi in futuro avrà lo stesso problema.. Quindi, la situazione è migliorata con qua

  • Premiere Elemenrts 7 Questions..

    I have 2 premiere elements questions I hope someone can answer... 1. I edited a bumch of .mts High DEF files into a video and now I want to export it to some kind of finished video I can play on my computer. When I click on EXPORT and then MOVIE, it

  • Problems with Yosemite (reboot and choppy screen image)

    I recently upgraded to Yosemite. I have a MacBook Pro Retina 15" and am running 10.10.2 In all my years of using OSX I think I have been forced to do a hard restart MAYBE 6 times. Ever. And I've been here from the beginning of OSX and before. Since u

  • There is an error in photo upload?

    I have tried unsuccessfully to upload photos from digital camera. I have removed lots of files to trash and some to external harddrive but it still will not allow me to upload photos Thank you for your help.Hello nasriosman, It sounds like your calen

  • Migration d une base access ver oracle


  • It is possible to get info from the PDF

    Hi Everyone, I'm new baby to acrobat using javascript. It is possible to get info from the PDF. The Info contain like Color space, Trim size, which font  used depend on pages and which color is used for image & text. Thanks in advance. -yajivHi GKais