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Irrelevant pictures

How the heck does Spotlight work??? I did a search for "contact" and Spotlight came up with several images in the images category, none of which had the word contact anywhere in the filename (one was named 167672.jpg). What's more, none of the f[More]


How does vip work?

Today, a VIP mailbox magically appeared in my mailbox list. I was the vip. But, the folder contained only my emails for one mailbox. I have several mailboxes. I went to another mailbox & activated myself as a vip. Now, there are two of me as vip's, b[More]


How does AUMultibandCompressor work?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial for AUMultiband Compressor? I get the gain, attack and release settings, but not the fact that there appear to be four bands but only three crossovers. How does crossover work? What do the EQ setting[More]


I having trouble with a scrolling page......where i have a video.  the pages between the video and the previous page jumps and show a gap between the pages.....i'm not sure if it is the spped or what?

I keep getting a gap between scrolling pages of a video and a regular page.  Not sure why.  I keep adjusting the speed, but still I get a gap in the pages as it scrolls.  Thanks.Hello cor-el, I apologize for not letting you know if your suggestions a[More]


How Does MINUS Work?

Hi, I want to do a count(*) table 1 minus count(*) table 2 in a test case. How does minus work in functions? create table count1( col1 number); create table count2( col2 number); truncate table count1; truncate table count2; insert into count1 values[More]


How does tagging work?

I see there is a show by tags feature in the ios app. How does tagging work?On the N96, fire up the camera, then: Options > Settings > Record location > On You can't see the position on Google maps but you can on Nokia Maps. When viewing a locati[More]


How does ANTIVIRUS work?

I know this isn't really related to java. How does ANTIVIRUS work?Most virus scanners look for known virus "footprints"....patterns in the bytes of code that match a library that is part of the scanner. Others use heurisitcs ("artificial in[More]


What does photostream do?

What and how does Photostream work?  It seems like everytime I upload my pictures to Shutterfly, they are doubles because of it.  Also, how do I transfer my pictures from my iphone to my Mac?  They way I am doing it now makes the pictures thttp://sup[More]


Transferring and using metada/tags from Organiser

Hi - I'm a recent (and very happy) convert to the iMac. I have previously used PSE7 for editing on a Windows PC and have just uploaded several thousand photo files to iPhoto. Before doing so, I wrote the Organiser keywords/tags to the files. Two ques[More]


How can I combine the emails of 2 Apple Mail files?

My wife stopped using a white MacBook 3 months ago, switched to a 17" MacBook, and now needs to switch back. Is it possible to combine the emails and metadata of the Mail files now on these 2 different MacBooks into 1 file without redundancies and wi[More]


How does this program work???

My Mac Powerbook G4 has GarageBand 3.0.4, which I have not yet used. Now I want to create a file which has one track entered from an aifc file (converted from Sibelius 4 with Wire Tap Pro). Once I have this as a GB file, I want to overlay a second vo[More]


Flash/Flex search engine workings

I'm looking into using Flex/ruby on rails to develop my next application. However, I have a couple of questions I'd like to get answered before I go too far down the path. I'm a coldfusion programmer that is used to creating sites that are easily lea[More]


Macbook Procooler

Does anyone have this product? I am looking for a cooling device for my MBP (15.4'). This cooling device doesnt appear to have any fans or power source? How does this work? On their website it says "Procool[More]


IPhoto will not let me close, force quit, or turn off the computer because it says it is "importing photos" when it isn't. How do I fix it?

iPhoto will not let me close, force quit, or turn off the computer because it says it is "importing photos" when it isn't. How do I fix it?Thank you- so simple, and it worked!Read other 3 answers[More]


How do aperture and iphoto interact

I am purchasing a new imac this week and am trying to get an idea on what software I want.  I've been using adobe photoshop elements for the past few years when I needed to fix any photos and iphoto to sort and 'hold' my collection.  I've been readin[More]


Can't drag and move objects

Using the Selection tool, i can select any object, but i can't click hold and drag it to a different position, like i usually can. I can click on one sides, or corners, and scale it just fine. I can also select it, right click, transform, move, enter[More]


Manual Importing How does this work?

I'm confused as often is when it comes to computer technology. So anyway I had to switch to manual importing because of multilple computers, but I'm not sure how to operate it. What do I need to do when I get new music and need to import them? I didn[More]


How does my disk performance look?

Hello all. I just did a read test on my 4 drives with HDtune.  This is my first build for use with CS6 (mostly Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom).  All new drives. Asus P9x79 Pro Mobo, Intel 3930k chip. C: 256GB Samsung 840 pro connected to 6GB/s SA[More]


How does swap in Linux work?

I thought I knew, but I am not so sure anymore. I have 4GB ram and 2GB swap (I know it works because I even have hibernation), fast SATA HDD and Core 2 Duo. On occasions I run opera (~1GB), and two virtual machines. As soon as RAM utilization goes in[More]


How does one install ZEN M 30gb running Windows 2000 p

Does anyone have a work around using this OS? Because as of right now, this player is as useless to me as _____________(enter your own saying here) Any ideas or third party d/l I can use?When you connect it & open it WMP click on the SYNC tab of the[More]

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  • New mac user, please help!

    I was trying to download "applications" to my desktop and I'm having trouble opening them. They are al .exe files and they won't open with anything I try. What am i missing here?Tyler Welcome to the Apple Discussions. .exe files are Windows appl

  • Email links don't launch browser

    After the new version of Firefox wouldn't work, I went back to the old version. Now internet links in my email will not launch the browser. The links will work only if Firefox is already open. Firefox is my default browser. What else do I need to do?


    I'm a little stuck with the code below that doesn't work.  Basically in my table i return 3 rows per Name and they should all have the same location too, e.g. 3 Davids and 3 USA.  But sometimes I might have 3 Davids and 2 USA and 1 EU - so in this ca

  • Filter table results according to rule

    Hi, I am trying to filter the output table so it will present the data according to a filter. I am trying to use the filter element but don't succeed. the field is "IS_REQUISITION" and the value is 'X' or blank. Thanks, Tuvalgot it from the help

  • MSI K8N Neo4-F 3.0 Boot problem

    I have some troubles with booting. For some reason If I stay some hours without starting the computer, when I try to boot only appears initial screen. I have to shutdown again, and them it will boot. Any change I have to make? Thanks, sorry for my En

  • No System Profiler Application?

    "This button is disabled cause there is no system profiler application" This is the message that pops up when I put the arrow over the "More Info..." button under About this mac. Any way to get it back?Great news, thank you! Oh yes ind

  • Link dreamweaver with phpmyadmin [ was:help me :S]

    I have like a million and one questions and seriously need help, is there anyone that would be able to talk to me one on one so i can ask them questions some patient lol coz im not brilliant with this stuffIn addition to Gary's reply: You may also wa

  • Presence property works not correctly

    Hello, experts. I have faced next problem creating my interactive PDF form. I want to make group of objects invisible when user selects "No" in Drop-down List. Here is my code for function change on that DDL: form1.subform.DropDownList1::change

  • Mail - Gmail - MP3's = Big mess

    This just started happening a few days ago. I can send an mp3 just fine. It shows in the sent folder perfectly. But when someone receives it, it won't play. And when I receive an mp3 it takes forever to load then displays the file in, what I guess is

  • Tags in Photoshop Elements 13

    I just upgraded from Pe V 9 to V13.  I have over 40,000 images and had them in albums and tagged by keywords sorted by people, places, events, misc work etc.  I travel a lot internationally and had the images tagged by countries etc.  In V13 all thos