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Oracle HTTP Server Crash

Hi all, i have an application deployed in OC4J, this application, due to dabase locks, its started to respond very slowly (i had some JSP with 102 seconds response time) about 12:50 i had 175 active connection in that OC4J container, some moments aft[More]


How to get standalone Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql?

Hi, I do not know if it is just me but it seems to be a nightmare to get OHS with mod_plsql from the official OTN download site. I downoaded the companion CD for Windows - 3 disks, installed OHS - no mod_plsql. Then I tried to find any clue on OTN on[More]


X1carbon doesn t turn on

My x1carbin thinkpad doesn t turn on. Have made a hard reset but still nothing. Please help!Hi Danizao, Welcome to Lenovo Community! As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with your ThinkPad X1 carbon not switching ON. Is there any[More]


HT4623 doesn't turn on

My Iphone 4 doesn't turn on.As far as you know, Is the device fully charged?  I'd work through the following: other 2 answers[More]


IE unable to connect to Oracle HTTP Server v10.1.2 with SSL

Hi, I configured OHS with SSL to run APEX applications. This configuration can be run from Mozilla browsers and Opera, but not from Internet Explorer. I suspect that IE doesn't support 256-bit encryption, as both browser above support it. So I set se[More]


Phone doesn't turn on. And keeps on blinking when connected to charger

Please help me.. Phone doesn't turn on. And keeps on blinking when connected to charger.. The logo keeps coming up and then vanishes..Similar problem here. Iphone 5 32gb met iOS 8.1.2 keeps blinking apple logo when connected to the charger but doesn'[More]


Configuring Standalone Oracle HTTP server (1.3) with  Mid tier (10.1.2)

Hai All, We have installed OHS 1.3 in DMZ and we have 10.1.2 midtier installed with B2B server in Firewall. I have modified mod_oc4j.conf of standalone OHS with following content to route the requests to midtier Oc4jMount /b2b/* instance://ap6003idmz[More]


NFC doesn't turn on

I followed the instructions to turn on the NFC on my Tablet Z, but it doesn't turn on. The NFC icon doesn't show up at the top bar, and it doesn't recognize other NFC devices at all. What can I do? Is it a hardware issue?Repair it with  Update Servic[More]


Need Oracle HTTP Server for mod_plsql and link to download software

Hi all, I want to use mod_plsql to publish HTML from the database. Therefore, I need an Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql. I have installed the "Oracle HTTP Server with Apache 2.0", but there is no mod_plsql included! The welcome page r[More]


T430s Doesn't Turn on - Lights Flash Once

Hi, I'm trying to fix a friend's T430s and the issue is that it doesn't turn on. With the battery plugged in, nothing happens. No lights and no sounds. When I plug the adapter in the buttons along the top of the keyboard (volume mute,power, etc.) and[More]


Use oracle http server to configure mod_plsql

Hi, I have a question. I have already installed HTTP server using the Oracle Database10g Companion CD on my Windows 2000 SP4. At the end of the installation, it refers to http://<computer_name>:7777 to open the HTTP server page. It seems work fine t[More]


Ibook doesn't turn on

I'm having a strange problem with my ibook. When I try to turn it on without the charger plugged in it doesn't turn on. But if i take out the battery and plug into the charger it works. I can put the battery back in when it's on, disconnect the charg[More]


CSS color reset to default?

Hi there... I'm new here and got a big problem, some of the CSS i write is not visible in DW... in example     width: 420px;     height: 50px;     top: 40%;     position: absolute;     margin: 0 auto;     left: 0;     right: 0;     overflow: hidden;[More]


New Oracle HTTP server install unable to host remote HTMLDB.

Hi all. I installed the Oracle HTTP Server from the Oracle 10G Release 1 companion CD on a Mac Powerbook running the Tiger OS. I have a CentOS Linux server on my network with Oracle 10G R2 database running that I've installed HTMLDB 2.0 on. I can not[More]


Synergy 3105 Base reset to default - tech. Expert ...

Hi, I've had my Synergy 3105 for years and for me (with decent 1100mAh re-chargeable) it has been a great system i want to keep. However Handset 2(HS2) developed a display problem then a catastrophic fault. I managed to get 3 more Synergy 3105 handse[More]


Cannot reset default home page IE7

X61S  Vista SP1 IE7 Norton 360 1.0 Cannot change default home page.  Default page is garbage URL I entered by mistake http://http// So when I start IE7 it throws an error "Can't find this" and then works fine thereafter. If I change default to &[More]


APEX and Oracle HTTP server

Scenario We are considering using APEX with Oracle 10g. However, we don't have Oracle application server.At the same time we do not want to use the Oracle HTTP server(OHS) on the database server. The propsed application intend to use by approx. 5000[More]


Cannot reset Firefox.

When I start Firefox, it comes up with Yahoo, NOT with the Firefox default. If I try to reset Firefox, I get the "Well this is embarassing" response, and cannot reset. I have gone to the Control Panel and deleted Firefox, and then downloaded and[More]


Web Service and Oracle HTTP Server

I have a web environment with Oracle Database , oracle http server (using mod_plsql), Oracle pl/sql web toolkit. I need to create a web service that is accessed externally which will interact with the database (select, insert, delete). Is it[More]


WRT120N- Cannot reset default settings

I've browsed the forums for a possible solution to this problem.  I've tried holding the reset button for 30 sec/1min, followed by powering down for the same amount of time.  I've also tried pinging the default, and got a few messages of[More]

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    I just activated and set up my new Ipad Air. Woudl like to get my ebooks off the MBPro andn transfer them to the Air. I am afraid if I sync,  everything from the MBP will try to transfer over. Is that the correct way to do this though? If I plug in t

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    I sent my MBP off to have the LCD replaced and they replaced the LCD and the logic board too. My HD was SEEMINGLY untouched, I booted straight back in to my login screen and away I went. Anyway, I installed 10.4.7 (same evening) and realised it was n