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IPhoto v 9.6 doesn't update pictures added by shared parties in iCloud Stream

I have a MacBookPro 15 inch mid 2010, 8GB ram I am running OS X Yosemite v 10.10.  I am using iPhoto v 9.6. I created an event that I shared on iCloud with other parties.  I gave them permission to read/write.  The other parties added photos to the s[More]


Everything in apple box is in black and white only?

Apple tv only displaying in black and white, have reset, still in black and white?What TV is it connected to?  Apple TV requires a full HDTV.Read other 2 answers[More]


IPhoto behaviour with Albums

can anyone explain or point me in the direction of the reaoning behind iphotos behaviour with Albums and Smart Albums in 2 situations. the first, is when using Airpics App and Server, the second when viewing a shared library. my set up is my iPhoto m[More]


IPhoto broken??

OK, am a bit confused about what has happened, and not sure if this is a recognised problem or not. I have an iMac running leopard with iPhoto '08. I bought a MacBook Pro running snow leopard with iPhoto '09. I shared some of the photo library onto t[More]


Safari start page

not sure what i did, when i go to safari, it will not go to my homepage...i have to click the 'home' icon to get do i to set it to go to homepage automatically?Thanks!  I had my homepage set the whole time ... made sure safari opens with[More]


Safari start up issues

Hi, Whenever I start safari, the application icon just bounces in the dock continuously and doesnt go any further. When I bring up the force quit window, it just says that the application is not responding. How do I sort this out? I searched through[More]


Iphoto does not allow to share events on the local network

Hello, I was trying to share the iphoto library on the local network and it seems to be that I only can share albums, but not events. The help on sharing says: "Select the "Share my photos" checkbox, and then choose your entire library or o[More]


When Safari opens all of my favourites come up as open tabs.  I have tried changing settings and deleting and reopening!  I removed all favourites but still all open up at start?

When Safari opens all of my favourites come up as open tabs.  I have tried changing settings and deleting and reopening!  I removed all favourites but still all open up at start?  I have set a homepage and that doesn't come up upon starting safari ei[More]


Philips spz2000

Hello, comunity! The problem is, my little web-cam Philips SPZ2000 doesn't work with 10.6.8. The build in micro works but not the cam. Neither with Photo Booth, nor with Skype. it's quite working in different chat-rooms with Firefox (a little pixxxxy[More]


IChat default smileys not working

I know this is rather unimpotant issue, but it has been bugging me since I upgraded to 10.6. Even if I select the smilies from the smiley menu, they still pop up in their "" form not as a smiley. Any ideas? Thanks, Ryanhehehehe. Of course the Sm[More]


IChat transcript saving not working

For some reason, ever since I upgraded to Tiger/iChat 3.0, the app is not saving my iChats. I still have the ~/Documents/iChats folder there (and obviously have the option checked in the prefs), but no new ones are being saved. I have tried deleting[More]


Hello Teressa, can I ask you question

I've just bought a HP laptop for my niece on the Chistmas time and she has a problem with the video set(when playing a video she cannot see images and when chating on face book she cannot see people and people cannot see her...etc) so what can she do[More]


IPhoto album "not found" / Communication error...

Having a really weird problem with Front Row... it likes everything but iPhoto! It pulls my iTunes across my network with no problem, it plays movies, trailer and video clips locally and across the network with no problems, but when it comes to iPhot[More]


Aim with no audio

Hi, I have ichat and my girl friend has aol. We were video chating and everything was going great, but there was a problem. She can hear me but I can't hear her threw my speakers. Her Logitech has a mic built in but nothing. The mic icon on ichat is[More]


Access iphoto 08 file on shared storage device from multiple machines

I recently installed ilife 08 on both an imac and macbook. Previously (iphoto 06), both devices accessed the iphoto library on a shared storage device without any problems. After the upgrade, my imac is able to view thelibrary but my macbook (the sec[More]


Video Chats

Hello. When we can start Video chating via Gtalk.. We need Skype too.... Please helpIt is a common problem with iChat and AIM interfacing. It seems possible to solve by judiciously playing with firewall settings. You can get much more information by[More]


Video chating with MS Messenger Live

can it be done in iChat? (newbie) many thanks, Sthat;s cool, i was't sure if there was or not but i wonder, what;s the easiest way to achieve video confrecing with people who are using messenger or more specifically messenger live? messenger for mac[More]


IPhoto '08: library-sharing woes, library size = zero

Greetings everyone, Just got a new Aluminum iMac, running 10.5 and iPhoto 08, and I am trying to share a 5GB iPhoto library among several users. I have placed the library in a shared folder that all users have access to. I launched iPhoto and accesse[More]


Video Recorder doesnt work

Hello guys i bought my iphone 4 today and everything works on it including the camera but when i switch to record mode the shutter animation plays and opens and its juat a black screen :S any idea whats going on? ProtoHello guys i bought my iphone 4[More]


Video file doesnt work

Why my new P6-1499 HP PC can not video play ? ie, SupportvideoHi there bob_sun004.  Hope you're enjoying your HP P6-1499 desktop.  I looked up your issue and found this general help site from the experts at HP.  Give it a try and let us know how it g[More]

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  • Why download AE cs6 take so long time

    Why download AE cs6 take so long timeThe file size is quite large.  Also the download speed is dependent on how many other users are downloading and the speed of your Internet connection.Read other 2 answers


    I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING ! iTunes will NEVER start up. I have taken EVERYONES hints and stuff they tell us to do, iTunes is dead. Someone PLEASE help me ! I click on iTunes and it shows its loading for 1-3 seconds but it never pop's up. I have scanned

  • Why won't T-Bird remember my choice to always load remote content?

    Every time I reboot T-Bird and click on an email that has remote content I always have to click the link ti always load that remote content, yet T-Bird never remembers my choice.You select the type of file to export to. It defaults to LDIF. Getting f

  • Photoshop CC - Zooming with "ALT"

    1-2 Weeks earlier, my Photoshop work'd with no problems, but now, when i want to zoom in with ALT + Mouse Wheel but Photoshop always switch's when im pushing "ALT" to the menu. I got the standard-configuration. Does someone know, how to fix it?

  • When I have installed updates in the past, I have always lost my bookmarks. Why does this happen? I want to install the new update but I am afraid of losing my bookmarks again. What can I do about this?

    When I have installed updates for Firefox in the past, I have always lost my bookmarks. Why does this happen and is there a way to avoid it? I want to install the new update for Firefox but I am afraid of losing my bookmarks again. What can I do abou

  • Migrating from Netware to Linux - faster "sync" ?

    Hey all, Planning on doing a TransferID migration from netware 6.5 to linux this weekend and have done some trial data copies.. Main copy is already done, but the "sync" is still taking a large number of hours that I need to try and fit into a s

  • What app to use to print out photos from an iphone4

    I have an iphone4 and would like to print out about 40 photos on it.  I've looked though all the app listings and have no idea how to choose one and get it to work. If I knew more about operating systems etc I obviously would not be asking this quest

  • RoboHelp HTML Output not compatible with IE 10/11

    Hi, My team is facing an issue with the WebHelp output generated using RoboHelp 11 ( When we try to open the Output in IE 10 and IE 11, they work fine. But, when the Dev and QA teams try from their machines, the pages are just blank. This

  • Airport Express No light/power ?

    the light on airport express is off, swopped the powerplug bit for my powerbook one no difference, changes power sockets no change, is it bust ? Or is there something else i can try... If bust will Apple care, about 15 months old. Regards ChrisSorry